i’m so unreliable I’M SORRY, NEVER TRUST ME. i work and go to grad school full time, so i’m generally buried under unpleasant assignments and sleeping as much as possible when i have the opportunity.

i hope you guys are super excited for crystal this summer; i’m pretty disappointed with the character design, but it’s no reason to wage war on each other. anyway, i hope you’re also checking out the new run of the musical, Petit Etranger. it looks really amazing (beautiful casting), and i’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to watch it by next year.

as always, thanks for following (although i’m sure you’ve even forgotten you have!).

pst hey

i just wanted to let you hotties know that Magical Compact, original Prism Power, started two years ago today, on 12.11.2011.

thanks for all you thousands of folks being so super cool, even during our downtime. since i don’t really attend to the blog the way i did originally, some of the tags have gotten sloppy, and i’ll try to clean them up in the coming weeks.

also, i’m still working on the last request.

We were sent here to find him.

We were sent here to find him.

vivomemorleti sent: Welcome back! May I request some Shitennou? Happy Holidays! x


(✪‿✪✿) sweet honey muffins

hello, my metric fuckton of new followers. for old faces and new faces alike, requests are back on.